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Laser Processing

Ottenweller Company has invested in some of the largest, most efficient processing equipment available. Our recent purchase and installation of the largest 6000watt production laser in the United States allows us to process up to 1"(25mm) material thickness on a production basis. Combined with 2 10' x 40' shuttle tables, we can meet virtually any customer laser cutting requirement. The LVD Impuls 12530 offers a significant advantage in productivity, precision, parts quality, material utilization and flexibility. Ottenweller Company has invested significant resources to be the leader in the metal processing industry today.

LVD Phoenix Fiber Lasers - 6 kW & 10 kW

 Alltra HG30-12S CNC Plasma Shape Cutting Machine


LVD Axel 3015S - 5000watt

LVD Impuls 4030 - 4000watt  


Trumpf 600L 2400watt Laser w/30 ton Press Ram

Cincinnati 1350 SM